High Quality Audio Visual Equipment Rentals in NJ

  • At Innovative we want to ensure that you capture all sounds that you want and avoid the sounds that you don’t. Have you ever been too custome writing close to a speaker while talking into a microphone? Maybe you had the perfect video but a noisy audience interferes with the video?
  • Our Technical Engineers will ensure that audio for your event runs smoothly. We’ll perform test runs with you and guide your presenters through the process so that everybody is absolutely comfortable.
  • The use of sound reinforcement systems, for banquet halls or outside arenas, aids in the distribution of sound to a large audience i n edit my essay for me distant areas.

Video Conference and Webcast Services

Connect your meeting to any location in the world with a video call. Our HD video conference service can easily be set up in your meeting and connect the local participants with any other CODEC in the world. Leveraging the venue’s IP network, our technician connects two sites via IP. Presenter and participant see one another as well as share Power Point/desktop between locations.

Audio Visual Equipment Rentals

We offer the latest professional audio visual equipment for rental. Innovative has you covered for any size event from a small 10-person meeting to an elaborate ballroom production. Our competitive pricing to will meet your budget, while maintaining your needs. Innovative provides audio visual equipment rentals, event production services, multimedia services and more. Consider us for your next corporate event, trade show, convention center and special/social event (i.e. weddings).


Audio and visual go hand in hand! Innovative has access to all equipment necessary for your event/production.
Projectors are the most common used visual aid. Depending on your event or meeting, front or rear projection is available.

  • LCD Projectors for meeting rooms and ballrooms with the necessary screens.
  • Truss Screens (for larger venues and ballroom events)
  • Plasma Screen Monitors
  • LCD &LED Screen Monitors
  • Playback Pro for mac
  • Flip Charts
  • LED Lighting
  • LCD &DLP Projectors
  • Fast Fold Screens
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Sound Systems
  • Microphones Systems
  • JumboTron LED Screens


Our Video Engineers can tape anything you need. Whether it is the general session, workshop sessions or individual cameos, we can deliver a high quality video that represents the spirit of your event.

  • Videos can be used for future events, company functions/meetings, for people that could not attend or for a keepsake for attendees.
  • Depending on the size of your event we could use a simple camcorder but with a larger venue, a professional quality recording is recommended.


Innovative provides all arrays of lighting. Lighting is essential in that it highlights all critical participants in your event. Our Lighting Engineers can assist with the best selection while keeping your budget in mind.

  • Depending on the event or presentation, there are several forms of lighting and illumination to take into account. The intensity, diffusion and direction of lighting determine the highlight and shadowing of the presenter. It also sets the mood and atmosphere for the audience.
  • Top light, up-light, front light, diagonal front light, conventional and intelligent lighting are some examples.
  • The shape or color of light can be determined or altered through shutters or gobos.
  • Pipe and drapes are necessary for certain productions. They provide a clean, uniform and stage like appearance in a large room. With the proper lighting, theme, music and stage design, the outcome can be very modest to an exciting theatrical experience!